Effects of growth hormone on muscle growth

Growth hormone also inhibits the conversion of glucose into lipids, thereby reducing the amount of adipose tissue. By deciding buy human growth hormone injections and starting to take it during training, you will increase the stimulation of fat metabolism. Increasing GH and catecholamine (adrenaline) levels together by increasing training intensity can have a dual effect on fat utilization. This is like pouring gasoline on a fire: when performing a high-intensity workout, there is a noticeable increase in GH levels.

Research has shown that there is a relationship between the intensity of training sessions and the level of GH produced after training. One experiment examined the effects of five different intensities of treadmill work on subjects with different lactate threshold levels. In the psychology of training processes, the lactate threshold is understood as the intensity value at which lactate (lactic acid) begins to accumulate in the blood. When the researchers analyzed all the data, the results showed a direct relationship between the rate of post-exercise fat tissue utilization and the increase in GH and epinephrine (adrenaline) levels during exercise. GH has been recognized as the most obvious player in the post-workout fat burning process. In addition to the above, the level of fat utilization during the recovery period was directly related to the level of intensity of the exercise performed.

GH level surges. Significant results

Now you may be asking the question – how high are the peak increases in GH levels during exercise? To demonstrate this, the researchers gave healthy subjects at rest a dose of GH equivalent to that produced during high-intensity exercise. It turned out that a single dose of GH in the normal physiological range of intense physical activity provoked an increase in fat lipolysis by 60-250% within 2-3 hours after administration.

New research described in the journal Growth Hormone and IGF-1 confirms these findings. During a 20-minute aerobic training session, subjects were given GH and a placebo.

The researchers concluded that there is a 1-2 hour delay between the peak of GH concentrations during exercise and the increase in fat burning post-exercise. Increasing GH levels during exercise does not accelerate lipolysis during exercise, but has a direct effect on increasing the mobilization of adipose tissue after exercise.

Long-term effects of GH on muscle growth

The bodybuilding press has repeatedly published materials about GH as the most important factor in increasing muscle mass. Based on the results of a recent study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology. Scientists conducted a study on 56 healthy (but untrained) young men who took part in a 12-week resistance training program. The program measured levels of testosterone, GH, IGF-1 and cortisol at the beginning and end of the course.

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