Virtual reality- real benefits

360-degree movies are watched on a regular computer, tablet or smartphone using a special player (for example, Color Eyes), YouTube (Chrome required), Littlstar or One thing should be noted - the impressions from the VR glasses session are incomparably greater.

The spectrum of virtual reality applications in marketing is huge. It's just a completely new environment, the possibilities of which we are just discovering. Let's take a look at the three main benefits of VR in this area.

First of all - full attention of the recipient

Today is characterized by a scatter of perception on dozens of screens around us. Television, computers, tablets, smartphones, billboards, city lights are fighting for the audience's attention, causing chaos and information noise. Action triggers a reaction - consumers develop selective blindness. The struggle for attention has become more sublime. Ambient marketing, product placement and advertising concepts. Some of the ideas showed desperation, such as the Ad Pause technology, when the viewer leaves the room or even looks away from the advertisement.

The VR technology used by is something that can bring a new quality to World of marketing. Wearing protective goggles (with headphones) over the head, the user is completely isolated from the outside world. Virtual reality equipment wins the battle for its attention and controls it completely. Moreover, it is a completely non-invasive environment used with great enthusiasm and curiosity. Virtual reality will collect fresh bonuses for effects for a long time to come.

Secondly, the advertising potential

Advertising entertainment, that is, a more or less elegant combination of advertising and entertainment, thanks to VR technology, has a chance to experience a real renaissance. Even the most commonplace films viewed on VR devices delight viewers precisely because of the attractiveness of this medium. Perhaps in the next decade, when glasses become commonplace and lose this unique halo of novelty, this form of communication will lose some of its power.

Third - marketing without barriers

What is the best way to present the advantages of the offered real estate - commercial premises, apartments, factory halls? The answer is obvious: Take your leads on a demo trip. But in most cases this is impossible, for example, at an exhibition - or when the object simply does not exist yet. What's in this situation? You can play a movie or render on a portable display using the very limited capabilities of classic presentations. VR technology offers something much better - a completely captivating show that takes the viewer directly to the advertised locations. When you have ready-made advertising material (360 film or 3D visualization), it is very easy to make a presentation. All you have to do is carry small mobile glasses with you. Virtual reality technology allows you to effectively promote and sell products anywhere and anytime.

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